Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh dear, a deer!

Idyllic, isnt it? This photo was taken in the garden at The Duck and Cherry. We often have roe deer pass through, some of them have twins and even triplets tagging along. They are beautiful, but sometimes frustrating.
I looked out the kitchen window one summer and saw a large deer standing on the edge of my herb- and flower bed. He actually licked his lips, while staring at the colorful pansies in between the many herbs thriving there.
I knocked on the window and called out: "Go play with your cousins in the woods!"
He ran off, and I thought I had been ever so clever talking to a wild deer. I went about my housework and returned after a little while. To my surprise, all the colors of the pansies were gone, every one. Temptation must have been too great, the colors were too delicious to pass by.
Deer have also eaten a young apple tree in our garden. I tried to salvage it with balms and good treatment, and half of the tree responded well. It was funny. Half of the tree bore beautiful apples last fall, the other half looked kind of dead.
A couple of berry bushes have also fallen victim to hungry or adventurous deer.
It is admirable how lightly and elegantly a deer jumps across fences. I saw one up the road who passed through all the fenced in properties along the road quicker than the wind. You would think he was practicing for a hurdle race. He would have done an excellent job, from what I observed.
But I do enjoy meeting a deer or two when Hector and I are out for our evening walk. We stand and stare at each other for a while, before we decide to go in opposite directions. And that's OK. Communication is enough. He does not want to sleep in my house, nor I in his.

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