Monday, January 23, 2012

Paul McCartney was right

I like hello better than goodbye! I agree with Paul McCartney on that one.
Today I had to say goodbye to the last of the Christmas guests. Goodbye to a little boy who laughs when you smile at him - probably because he sees something funny, who lies on his back on a blanket on the floor holding his toes and behaving as if life is all fun and games - goodbye to his mamma, who is as good as she is beautiful. But I will just have to look straight ahead and plan on the calendar when I can see them again.
I am so grateful for wonderful people in my life. Family, whether big or small, is a blessing.
I'd like to share with you another Beatles favorite, but it's not the version you know. I used the melody "Yellow Submarine" to write a song for Linnea and Michael's wedding some days ago. What do you think of this lovy-dovy version?

In the town where he was born, lived a girl somewhat forlorn
And she looked about the crowd, calling “Michael”, way out loud!
We’re all here watching Mike and Nea- show,
See devotion grow, love and kisses flow
We’re all here simply calling out for more
You that we adore, heart and love galore

So they met and became friends, shared both laughter and the tears
Hearts prepared to be as one, always open, ever fun
We’re all here and it’s very, very fine
Practically sublime, almost Valentine
We’re all here and we’re glad she found the guy
Rings and vows (oh, sigh), wedding knots to tie

So to send you on your way, there a thing or two we’d like to say
Be best friends, be good and kind, be affectionate and keep in mind:
We’re all here and we want to add “we do”
We sure do love you, doo-bi-doo-bi-doo
We’re all here and we’d like to raise our cup,
Cheer you on and such, blessings more than much!

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