Monday, January 2, 2012

I can be a rhinoceros

The last days of December were spent at our cabin Eljarbu. Open invitation to the family were handed out at Christmas time and Arnfinn and I were happy to have the company of 3 adults, 3 children and 3 dogs.
I was thinking how safe I was when I went to bed at night. I had two brave men there, 3 dogs and two mothers of babies, who would become wild as lions if anyone approached the cabin in an unfriendly manner.
I was reminded of when I gave birth to my first child. The doctor called me "tiger". I thought it was really strange, because he didn't know me - and because I am much calmer than a wild tiger in real life (I think). But I have thought about that phrase often since then, and found out as my children grew up, I will protect them at any cause and become wilder that a charging rhinoceros if need be. So maybe the doctor was right after all.

It's a new year. Even though I am a believer of "every day is a new day to do things better", I tend to think more about resolutions and goals come January.
I have written down some, some I will report to someone else throughout the year and some I will keep to myself.
I am grateful for a new year. grateful for many blessings, grateful for being able to gather our loved ones at The Duck and Cherry.

A wedding is coming up in a few days in our family, third child to get married. We are excited and happy for the event and the reunion of two beautiful young people.

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