Thursday, January 5, 2012

Linger longer!

I am one of those who wants Christmas (and all good things)to linger longer. Why stop, when it's so good?
Our Christmas tree is still in the living room, festive curtains are still up, decorations still adorn the rooms.
On the piano is a wooden nativity scene. It was puchased in the Philippines, while we lived in the Far East. It's Linnea's favorite thing to put on display every December. That along with Murray, the Christmas moose, from my brother in Canada. We give Murray a kiss and greet him and he cheerfully sits on the mantel overlooking the living room during the Holidays. After Christmas he goes back in the box in the basement, waiting for another Christmas to come along.
A few years ago I visited a Christmas shop in Helsinki, Finland. I searched the store for nativity scenes and finally had to ask the shop assistance. "No, we don't have much like that," she replied. "What? I asked. "Isn't this a Chrsitmas shop?" Turned out she had one, so small I could fit the whole thing into one hand and with the words "Greetings from Finland" written on it. Honestly!
I ended up buying a Christmas owl, whatever that is....but I love it. Christmas animals are fun to decorate with.
Children who visit from far away should linger longer, hugs from someone you love should linger longer, and fresh chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk....mmmm, think I'll make some of those today.

Today's water color is called "Teddy Bear Hug" (Bamsekos).

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