Monday, September 3, 2012

The Broom Closet

Typical! I run up the stairs to fetch something in the Broom Closet (read my office), just to stop inside the door and wonder what on earth I went up there to get.
I look around the room and try to remember. Sometimes I end up going back downstairs to catch a glimpse in my memory of what I wanted in the first place.

My Broom Closet in a heavenly mess. Lately I have filled it with old boxes of children's drawing from the basement, old art work I had forgotten all about, papers, more papers - you get the idea.
I am trying to go through some every day. I even bring a pile of papers and place them in front of me on the couch as I watch an episode I have taped of Criminal Minds or Charmed. Problem is that I am allergic to dust and acari sitting in old boxes and materials. I sneeze and wipe my nose and my eyes turn red and itchy. Uncomfortable, yes! But very satisfying to get things done. It simply has to be done!
I make piles and dole them out to my children. They think its funny when I show them old drawings they have made and memories come back to them also.

I need to clean out the Broom Closet for another reason.I have new water color works waiting to be finished and created, stories to write, and creativity flows better for me when the room around me is tidy.

But I must say, I truly enjoy having a Broom Closet all to myself. It's a place where I can gather the things I work with and a space that feels like it's ME. A space like that does not have to be big. It can be a corner under the stairs, an area in the kitchen or wash room or a studio over the garage. I have used one of the bedrooms now that the children have moved out, but it still has a pull out bed in it for visitors who sleep over.

Maybe somebody else who sleeps there can feel creative as they look around the room at pictures of teddies and fairies, my witch hat on the wall, pens and paint brushes, etc.


  1. " The Broom Closet" - he, he ja det passer jo til deg. Jeg elsker også kontoret mitt(ikke så kreativt navn da!)Det er vel det rommet jeg er mest timer på foruten soverommet (må jo sove også). Jeg synes alt det du har dratt inn på rommet ditt høres herlig kreativt ut.
    Jeg har netopp vært hos mor å henten to store esker og noen poser med minner og bilder som jeg skal lage noen familiegaver av. Det er jo litt artig da med alt - selv om det roter litt.

  2. Du må finne et passende navn til ditt krypinn! Det gjør det enda mer personlig.