Friday, November 30, 2012

To eat or not to eat

I heard a noise from the front porch and dashed to the window to check what Hector, the Wheaten Terrier was up to out there. He was chomping on ice from his drinking tray. Yes, it's that cold. Burr.
Very little calories in chips of ice - not that he worries about that - after all he is not a girl and he is a dog.

This week I went to lunch with two of my daughters at a nice cafeteria called The Strawberry Girls (Jordbærpikene). One of my daughters is on a low carb diet for health reasons. She has always had a good appetite, and as she a little reluctantly bit a piece of the delicious bread that went along with the salad we bought, she said, "We are celebrating with carbohydrates."

Obviously we don't need alcohol or drugs to celebrate. Carbs will do the trick. Or chips of ice, according to Hector. Or a piece or three of good chocolate.

We are blessed to have enough food to eat.
Tiffany was on the radio a few years ago. She was interviewed about a food kitchen she started in Bergen. She claimed that every person has the right to food, to eat.
In a large upstairs room with adjacent kitchen she spent every Sunday preparing vegan meals for the poor and homeless. The vegetables, fruits, rice, etc. she cooked with was donated by grocery stores she visited every Saturday afternoon.

I went with her one time and helped her carry the donations to the kitchen. Next day Arnfinn and I went and paid the 10 NOK ($1 1/2 ) for a delicious all-you-can-eat meal.

I am so proud of her for giving her time, effort, and skills to help the needy. She is brave and fights for what she believes in.

The art work today is not mine, but two drawings Tiffany did many years ago.

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