Thursday, January 5, 2012

Involuntarily dreaming

Can't seem to wake up as early as I should in the morning the last few days. I am heavily in a dream when I hear the door open, Arnfinn returning from his morning shower and letting the wild and crazy (and quite heavy) Wheaten Terrier, Hector, jump on top of me, slobbering me with kisses and extremely happy to see me. This morning I was on a train when they entered the room. After frustrations of getting on the train on time and not leaving my bags behind, I was actually happy to be back in my own house and out of an exhausting dream.
Are you sometimes tired after dreaming? I am. Arnfinn says I live two lives, one during the day and one in my dreams when I sleep. It can be educating and enlightening to dream, but often I feel tired when I wake up.

Today's water color is of a fairy sleeping in a bird's nest. It reminds me of Tiffany, little and cute.

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  1. Yes some dreams makes me exasted topp. I usually have them when I am stressed.