Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tractors are so exciting!

I went for a walk yesterday with a young grandson, whose favorite word to say is "tractor". I put a small car in his pocket and we happily walked hand in hand along the icy roads surrounding The Duck and Cherry.
There is something about little boys and big cars. He is thrilled about moving vehicles and a box full of matchbox cars is always the first thing he asks for when he comes to visit me, his Mimmi. Since we live next to a large farm, he sometimes gets to see real tractors go by. You would think the experience is birthday, Christmas and everything good rolled up in one, that's how excited he gets.
What do you get really excited about? We all have something that makes us warm and fuzzy inside, happy, excited and just makes us feel good. To me it's my family, my faith, my home. But other than that, I get really excited about art history, genealogy, singing, going for walks and working with art and words, to mention some. We are so fortunate to have such a varied and interesting world to live in. I may not get as thrilled about tractors like my little grandson, but I love seeing his face when he does. That's worth more than I can explain here!

Today's water color hangs in my grandson's room.

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