Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do you speak "dog"?

Hector and I are trying to understand each others languages. Sounds silly? We communicate, that's for sure, and I try to understand what he is saying more and more. He comes to me to tell me he is hungry. He stands next to me and makes funny howling sounds. I don't know which dialect he speaks, but it's musical tones up and down. Very funny to listen to.
Every morning our neighbor opens up her bedroom window facing our house. The poor lady has allergies and needs to shake her pillows free from fluff and smaller-than-what-the-eye-can-see bugs. Every time she does this, Hector, who is happily guarding the driveway, gives her a bark.
It dawned on me today, that he is actually saying hello. I used to believe he was just being annoying, but I need to tell my neighbor what a polite dog he is, greeting her so cheerfully. That way she might receive his morning bark in a welcoming way.

My good friend, Bente, has a kennel with toy poodles. She brought one of them to an animal interpreter. It was really funny to hear her story about what her little red poodle had told the interpreter. She did not like to walk nicely on the leash, she thought the boys in the house were too noisy and she wanted to pick her own father for her puppies.
I would like to ask Hector why he does not remember the goals he has on our refrigerator: 1) to have all four legs on the ground when he is happy and 2) not to grab everything and bite it to pieces.
Very sensible goals, I think, but Hector seems to forget from time to time (actually almost every day).
Learning dog language is exciting and challenging. Arnfinn and I are trying to use body language to speak with Hector, the way he can understand, as well as tone of voice and words he can comprehend.
Do you speak dog? I think I should add it to my language comprehension on FB.

Today's water color is a funny little picture called "Night".

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  1. Så morsomt du skriver. Jeg ser det hele for meg både med deg og Bente og ikke minst hundene. Jeg er ikke helt der med hunder og å ha dyr, men jeg skjønner mer og mer at " innen man har elsket et dyr, forblir en del av din sjel uberørt."