Saturday, January 7, 2012

Digging for bones at The Duck and Cherry

Hector got a laaarge bone from a neighbor for Christmas. He decided it would be better off hidden in the herbal patch for a while. Out he went, bone in mouth and a very determined look in his eyes.
Yes, bones are buried in the garden at The Duck and Cherry. Hopefully not the kind they find in all the detective shows I love to watch on TV. The world is a resting place for bones from generations of people - all over - we just don't know.
Hector found one the other day - one he had dug down a few weeks ago.It was wet and gooey and fool of soil. He was very proud and came to get me to show me the treasure he had recovered, a half eaten pig's ear. Yummy!
I would rather be in the kitchen eating the "After Eight"-chocolates I discovered all fogotten on the piano from Christmas. They are some of my favorite treats. And it's true - it's always after eight.

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