Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hidden pearls

Hector is still digging up - reburying - finding - his large bone our neighbor gave him for Christmas. I had to take it away from him last night as he went to bed, as he was possessed with it, not able to calm down to go to sleep.
It is an exciting adventure to dig and find hidden talents and pearls of personality traits in yourself or others around you. We celebrated our daughter's marriage to her beloved last week. It was wonderful. Arnfinn was in charge of a ring ceremony and I discovered things about him that I had not given him credit for before. Through the things he said and the way he presented the ceremony, he proved quite the romantic and soft guy, and I was very pleased!
It's a treat to find new and positive things about your spouse after many years of living together. Life sure is a thrill, new things everyday.

Today's picture is a mosaic, black paper on white. I did it as a project as I studied Art & Design at BYU umpteen years ago. Behind the joker/clown is a person with many hidden talents.

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