Saturday, January 28, 2012

Understanding misunderstandings

Right before Christmas I met our neighbor out on the street. She was walking her Chow-Chow, Thai. Hector thinks Thai is super cool, but to Thai he is still a "pesticus" (a word my children's American grand-mother lovingly called them when they were little). Older dogs are not always too fond of energetic younger ones jumping and playing around them.
Anyway, I told my neighbor that Linnea and I sing in a choir and that we had two Christmas concerts coming up. My neighbor look at me and asked: "How do you feel about singing in a Christmas concert, when you don't celebrate Christmas?"
I am sometimes surprised at the things people ask. I have found that it's important not to get frustrated or upset with misconceptions, and think that it's a wonderful opportunity to set things straight.
"Oh, we are Christian and celebrate Christmas a lot!" I replied with a smile. "In fact we celebrate all that we can celebrate."

Another thing that can be misunderstood, is that even though I bought myself ice cleats today, I am not old!! After the fall in December, I thought it might be a smart move. Hector seems to forget that I can actually slip on the ice.

Today's water color is "The Tower Castle" a fairy tale picture painted and sold in 2007.

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