Friday, January 27, 2012

Trigger someone's Imagination

One of the fun features at the wedding party for Michael and Linnea, was a corner with some props and a sign that said: "Painter's Studio - Photo shoot". There were two pretty chairs, a large wooden frame, my well used palett, a oil painting brush, a French hat and some funny glasses.
All evening guests snuck over to the Painter's Corner and posed for any amusing photo they could come up with.
Imagination is a wonderful thing! And just triggering people's thoughts and creativity with simple things is great.
Now that Linnea has officially moved out of The Duck and Cherry and starting her new life with wonderful Michael, I have an empty room to play with - and because this initially was my room to begin with, it will become so again. I will make myself a feminine working studio. There are three windows and a view of the small road in front of the house. I can watch people passing by walking their dogs, while painting new water colors and working on my books.
First I just have to come over the part that Linnea does not live there anymore.

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