Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I apologize for wearing my PJs in public

So sorry.
Excuse me.

But hey, what should I apologize for?
Staying busy? Doing good things? Being creative?

But in my pyjamas?

There are days when the creative flows are like a spring flood. Like melting snow from the mountains that trickles downhill, adding more and more to it's stream, eventually turning into a billowy, raging force.

And excuse me, on these days I may forget to brush my hair and change out of my PJs.

The problem is when I forget to change my apparel before leaving the house.
One morning I drove the love of my life to the train station - in my PJs.
At the station I noticed I had a flat tire. I slowly eased the car to a nearby garage.

What to do? The garage had not opened yet. It was cold. I stood there wondering whether to walk home in my PJs or call a friend. Asking for help is not my strong suit. I do not excel at being on the receiving end.

I finally gave in and called Åse. She is wonderful and came to my rescue - with a smile.

Is there a moral to this story? Do we need one?
At least, for good advice, being an advocate for "being prepared", I would  suggest to myself to get dressed before driving off somewhere. At least, put on a coat over the PJs if it's chilly outside.

The wonderful actor, Sean Connery, once said that women who go shopping with curlers in their hair, should be arrested.
I would not go that far. He might think the same of me, had he seen me out and about in my pyjamas and unruly hair.

One of my favorite Shakespeare quotes is this.
"Being prepared for everything, is everything."
I like that, but still strive to get better at it.

Today's water color is "Before I go to sleep" - this fairy is out flying before bedtime, in her nightgown. Could have been me!