Monday, January 30, 2012

Look, wow!

When I went to BYU, I had a Japanese friend on the Ballroom Dance team. She was cute and little. I liked to watch her write letters home. When she made mistakes, the little Japanese signs were made into flowers. The letters became decorative even with mistakes written.
When we were on the bus together, she would look out all excited and say "Mite, yosh!" (pardon my Japanese, it's how I remember)It meant, "Look, wow!"
I have always remembered this, thinking it so cute. Later when I moved to Japan, I learned to love the beautiful language and the hard-working people there.
It 's important in life to stop and say: "Look, wow!" now and then.
I love looking at beautiful art, my grandchildren at play, Hector jumping in the snow, my beautiful children when they smile at me, and my handsome husband; I just love looking at him. Wow!
I love the view from The Duck and Cherry. A friend asked me once how I could buy a property on an island with no proper view of the ocean. But I have a view of two quaint guard's houses for the manor next door, the alley with huge old trees, and a large field, which varies in colors with the season. Right now it is white and serene. There are sheep and horses on the field below, deers crossing our garden and even some peacocks from the manor have ventured on our property. I don't need an ocean view. I love it just the way it is.

Today's water color is called "It's snowing, it's snowing", inspired by a Norwegian children's song.

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