Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Musty Aftershave in My Kichen Sink

Why on earth does my kitchen sink smell like an elderly gentleman's outdated aftershave?
Arnfinn decided to clean out a box in the bathroom cabinet yesterday and found forgotten treasures!
Several bottles of old aftershave - and he does not use any -
Since his sense of smell is gone (temporarily or not), I had to smell the different bottles and decided that no man of mine should smell old and dusty like what was in those old bottles. He poured all of them into the sink. My kitchen bore witness of the deed for the longest time. I think I need to make something spicy for dinner to regain the scents of homemade cooking instead.
When I studied at BYU, I was on the Ballroom Dance Team. Every weekday morning at 6 am we practiced our dance routines in the Richard's Building. Young men, just out of the shower, well dressed, and newly shaved, took hold of my hands and we danced and practiced. When I walked to my classes a couple of hours later, my hands often smelled of aftershave and men's cologne.
Perfume and the likes should be treated like spices, too much is not good. I like detecting a good cologne or sweet perfume when I hug someone.
I grew up with a mother who was allergic to scents and perfumes, and I have learned to treat such things with respect. The last time I flew, the stewardess was wearing too much perfume. It would have been an uncomfortable flight for my mother, had she been there. Some professions are better without added scents.

Today's water color is simply called "Field". The scents of nature are the best!

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