Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Words like Honey

There are some words that taste like honey in my mouth. Of course chocolate will do that every time, but I am talking about words like family, home, love, husband, children, animals.
The Duck and Cherry is a name that makes me happy. It reminds me of the people and the things I love best.
I like the words faith and hope which remind me of my relationship to my Heavenly Father.
Words like work, talents, and learning are uplifting and encouraging to me, and charity and service reminds me of thinking about the need of others around me.
Charmed by brings a warm feeling to my heart.
There are some words that I have actually banned from The Duck and Cherry -words that I don't want to hear inside the walls of our safe haven. That's OK, we choose ourselves what we want in our own home.

Picture: Saturday we went for a bicycle ride to Alby, a manor house and art gallery close to our home. Happiness would be a nice word to describe our time spent with Ida and her children.

I have another blog that deals with words. Writing and Reading WORDS is A little blog for the enjoyment of writing good words and reading even better ones.

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  1. Fint inlegg om ord og hvilken innvirkninge de har.(Noen)Ord er som muiskk i mine ører.