Monday, May 28, 2012

No one misses you!

10 am this morning - 10 am!!!! - Arnfinn wakes me up. When did we last sleep till 10 am?? I can't remember - it's that long ago. The fresh summer breeze swept in through the open windows and the smell of blossoming flowers and birds chirping was soothing and nice.
The next sentence he says is: "And no one has called you yet! No one is missing you!"
I did not know if I should feel relieved or sad. It's unusual that none of the nine children call us at some time or another - so I chose to feel happy that they were all content - and it did not really take long before one of them called to return a call from last night.
How blesses we all are to have many people around us. There are nice people to connect with all around; it can be family or friends or people we have just met. I tend to be a hermit at times, digging myself into a hole in my house with Hector and Poppy, contentedly writing and painting - but after all we are a friendly species who need others in our lives.
Why? Well, we need other for someone to talk to. Talking with ourselves is good for the fact that we can get exactly the answer we want! But talking with somebody else can be enlightening, entertaining  - and with Arnfinn funny! He says so many funny and amusing things. I love that about him. Anya is the same way. Without knowing it, she is funny all the time.
We need others for comfort, happiness, help with things, sharing, learning and the list goes on and on. And the great thing is - this goes both ways. Thinking more about giving than receiving is always a key to happiness.
Today's water color is a practice painting of seagulls in flight.

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