Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kyolic is great!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
But a garlic a day keeps everybody away!

Still believe that? That depends. Eating lots of apples fill me up, but eating a small garlic tablet is easy and very healthy in my book of life!
Arnfinn and I have the last years taken our daily garlic tablet called KYOLIC  - see Kyolic for Norwegian readers. Running a health store the last seven years has taught me a thing or two about nutrition, and believe me, I am not the kind who is hysterical or over-protective when it comes to eating healthy, but there are some things I truly believe in - and good herbs is one of them!
I believe there is a reason to why God planted herbs on this earth. I wish knowledge about herbs was part of the school curriculum, something everybody would learn about.
I was fascinated when we lived in Austria, how many people knew how to use herbs. There was especially an elderly lady in our church, Klothilde Pittner, who had so much knowledge about herbs stored in her head. I would call her up and ask her what to give my children. (In my collection of kitchen witches, I now have an Austrian witch with her name!)

Produkt: KyolicBut all that said, when it comes to garlic for health reasons outside the regular "garlic in the dinner"- spice, I prefer garlic in a tablet. Why Kyolic? Because Kyolic is absolutely odorless! Certainly a preference if you think kissing is vital, or if you like to engage in conversations with someone without scaring them off with your breath. And why take garlic in the first place? It's good for the heart, the blood circulation, the immune system, the skin - and if you take a double doze, it will scare ticks away (you know those horrible little blood suckers).
In fact, I can give Hector, the Wheaten terrier, a tablet of Kyolic a day to keep the ticks off him. Those creepy, crawly things fall  off his fur when they get fat enough - and they are uninvited in my house!

Then the third why: Why not buy any other kind of garlic tablet/capsule? Because Kyolic is an aged garlic extract - the effect is many times better than the other brands, it is tested and has 650 completed studies backing it up.

As an interesting side notion, I also keep a small bottle of liquid Kyolic in my refrigerator. Works great with ear aches. I have tried it with several of our children growing up. A few drops in the ear at night - a voila! - next morning they were always much better.

So, as a tribute to one of the many wonderful herbs - I speak about garlic today - and Kyolic.
Enjoy an odorless garlic splurge!

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