Thursday, May 3, 2012

Budding Tulips

Yesterday I wrote about aftershave in the sink and other nonsense. An important part of yesterday's blog, was the fact that we should respect people around us, who are allergic to perfumes.
And - today on the front page of Norway's leading serious newspaper is exactly that:
More than a million Norwegians are allergic to perfumes and colognes, and the Asthma- and Allergy Association is starting a campaign today, encouraging everyone who works in hospitals to refrain from wearing perfumes and other strong scents.
1 million people is 20% of our population - so quite a few.
I am grateful that I can be outside and enjoy spring with the scents, budding leaves and flowers. So many are allergic this time of year.
I took some pictures of the tulips in the herbal garden this morning. They will spring in time for our national holiday on 17th of May. I love tulips!

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