Monday, April 30, 2012

Do I keep my smiles in the bank?

Have you ever felt "outside"?
That's the name of the water color today. Sad really, probably the saddest picture I have painted.
It's possible to feel alone in a crowd and it's possible to be content all alone.
But if we see someone who feels like the little bird on the left, we should go over and say hello.
I have done it - not always with great success, I must say, but I believe it's important if someone looks sad and alone, to try to give them some attention, share a smile and some love.
What do we need all the smiles and love for if we don't share them? Put them in a bank? Save them for later? Hope they multiply if we keep them long enough?
No, smiles and love should be shared and spilled and thrown at everyone in your way. That's the way to get more in return - and the way to be happy yourself!

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