Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Love is all around"

This morning I read an article poll-public-displays-of-affection-at-church on LDS living. They wanted to know what people thought was appropriate behavior for public display of affection at church.
We are all so different. Some people would never even hold hands in front of other people. I personally believe it both good and important to be show appropriate affection in public. Children will benefit from knowing that their parents love each other, friends of the family may be encouraged by seeing that you love your partner.
But there are limits - and the boundaries and opinions for this may be as many as there are people out there. The display of affection should not make others uncomfortable, but be a sweet reminder of love.
I love seeing an elderly couple hold hands, a husband greet his wife with a kiss when they meet, and the joy in someone's eyes when they meet a loved one at the train station or airport.
Love is better than indiffenence.

Today's water color was a practice study for a painting called "Motherly Love". The original was sold many years ago.

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