Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wasp not paying rent

Ready for bed and looking up in the ceiling. What? A wasp nest in the ceiling??
Windows have been wide open for days, due to the warm and summer-ish weather - gentle breezes - and obviously wasps - sneaking inside.
So the stinging wasp rely on a nest from which they conduct many of their activities, especially rearing their young ones.
As a mother, I can relate to that, and it stung my heart, getting rid of both the nest and the very industrious wasp flying to and fro.
But memories went to many years ago, when as a 5-6 year old I lived with my family at my grandmother's house. I slept in an attic room with two wasp nests and woke up the next morning with lots of stings. Unpleasant!
So, the other day at The Duck and Cherry, it was either me or the wasp in the bedroom, and I won. I excused myself many times, hoping it would forgive me someday. I don't mind wasps, bees and bumbles, but feel strongly that they need to live in the woods and not in my house. Besides, it's pretty rude to move in without permission or paying rent.
Today's water color is a summer fairy, who can probably speak with the little flying yellow and black critters!


  1. Herlig, ja bier bør leve i skogen og ikke i hus. :-)

  2. Ja, tenke seg til å flytte inn hos folk uten å spørre en gang!