Sunday, April 1, 2012

A telephone booth in our kitchen!

We have a telephone booth in our kitchen at the Duck and Cherry. Waste of space? No, not at all. Let me explain.
When I had the house built, I told the carpenter I wanted a pantry in the kitchen, a large one, the kind you can walk inside and turn around and have lots of shelves for food, even boxes if need be. The carpenter tried to talk me into putting in a kitchen cabinet instead, not used to pantries in Norway, but I did not give up and told him he could take part of my hallway to build it - I wanted a pantry! So he did as he was told (and paid to do) and built a nice pantry. My father made shelves and I was very happy.
Our kitchen phone at that time was on the wall next to the pantry. Every time someone wanted to speak privately, they dragged the cord inside the pantry and closed the door. I have spent much time in the pantry talking to Arnfinn on the phone, wondering why I didn't have more snacks in there.
Hence the name "telephone booth" for the pantry in our home, a title well deserved and known to all family members.
In this modern day and age we have other phones - cordless - and really don't have the same use for a telephone booth, but the name sticks. We like it.

Today's water color hangs in our cabin and is a typical Norwegian winter scene.

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