Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Herbal teas for your health

When I grew up I was fascinated with the children who were praised for writing good essays. I really wanted to write too. I remember one time my teacher told about a student who had started an essay with the words: "xxx (some author's work) is not really my cup of tea!" (referring back to my last entry about teflon brains, you may understand that I don't remember the name). What was so ingenious about this beginning? The teacher said that it was the fact that the author actually wrote about drinking tea.
I have often thought about that and how we put thoughts, words and meanings together and make it more interesting.
So this morning as I made a cup of tea for Arnfinn to ease his cough, this memory popped up in my head.
When I started working with health food almost a decade ago, the first challenge I gave myself was to learn about herbal teas and how to sell them. There are so many referrals to herbs in the scriptures, and I believe that God gave man herbs and plants for our use.
So try some delicious herbal tea. Use a fresh leaf from a home grown herb in the garden or the pot in the window sill, or buy a store bought tea bag designed with pretty pictures and colors. It may help if you have a stomach ache, cough, sleeping problem, lack of energy, etc. etc. And besides, it tastes good. I think it enhances the cozy atmosphere if the cup is pretty too.

Today's water color is "The Flower Farm". Daisies are in the foreground, they look a little like chamomile, an herb for so many uses!

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