Saturday, April 14, 2012

Putting off washing the dirty windows

Friday the thirteenth came and went yesterday. The clock did not strike a thirteenth time, nor did a black cat cross our road.
Superstition are funny in a creep-up-on-you kind of way. We all are influenced by old sayings and proverbs in one way or another - probably something we were brought up with, heard our grandmother talk about, or the little old lady next door.
I admit there are more than a few of these sentences that pop up in my head from time to time. Like cutting a piece of cake and it falls over, dropping a sandwich face down on the floor, walking under a ladder, opening up the umbrella indoors, etc. etc. Even though we can ignore what they mean, these sentences appear and make us think for a fragment of time, before we shrug our shoulder and go on with our tasks.
I hope there is no superstitious saying about dirty windows. The Duck and Cherry is suffering from my putting-off-washing-the-windows demonstration. Aghh, do I have to - today?
Such a cute little house should have bright eyes to the world. My fault! I'll get to it, OK?

Today's drawing is of the old city of Fredrikstad. My 9th great-grandfather, Wyllem Coucheron, designed the city and the fortress in the beginning of the 1660's.

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