Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food storage myths

Is storing food a good idea, necessary or a folly? Ants work hard all summer to save for cold winter's slumber party. Bears eat and hibernate till warmer days, many animals prepare for days ahead.
Leaders in our Church have told us for years that it is wise to have a storage of food and other important articles - and I believe them. I have always had extra food in the house, but the last few years I have really become a busy ant myself.
A while ago I experimented to see what I had in my food storage. After a week of baking bread, making dinners with tuna and canned tomatoes etc. I noticed how boring my storage was. There's a lot I need to make it an interesting pantry, ready to provide ingredients for healthy and yummy meals. I would like to repeat that experiment every so often - a very good way to find out what's missing.
I found this on an Internet site. To read the whole article go to

Top Ten Food Storage Myths

#10: The Government Will Give Me Food in an Emergency.
#9: I’ll Never Be in a Disaster Where I Need Food Storage.
#8: Food Storage Tastes Disgusting.
#7: Food Storage is a Pain to Rotate.
#6: To Live Off Food Storage I Have to Do Things Like Grind Wheat and Bake My Own Bread.
#5: Only Fanatics and Doomsdayers Get Food Storage.
#4: I Don’t Have Room For Food Storage.
#3: You’re Better Off Saving Money than Stockpiling Food Storage.
2: I Can Just Use the Food in My Fridge or Cupboards For Food Storage.
#1: Food Storage is Way Too Expensive and I Can’t Afford It.
I admit I have had thoughts like the above myths myself, but I am learning to think again.
Food storage is necessary and wise!
Every Monday I go grocery shopping with Anya and Linnea, two of our beautiful daughters. On the grocery lists we each have something for our food storage. We encourage each other and they inspire me as they always plan meals for the week. I love it!
Today's water color is of Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota, painted for Sean's mission president.


  1. Tøft å prøve å leve av matvarelageret - det må jeg prøve også!

    1. Det var en øyenåpner. Fant ut at jeg manglet masse. Jeg har lyst å gjøre det med jevne mellomrom for å prøve meg frem.