Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep those birds under control!

Last day of Easter vacation. There are so many things on the to-do-list of the Mr. and Mrs. at the Duck and Cherry today, but the weather is discouraging things like polishing the car, washing windows, working in the garden; so inside recreational activities are on the agenda instead. It's wonderful with a slow day now and then.
We have been blessed this Easter vacation with good friends and family members who invite themselves to visits at the mountain cabin and dinners here at home, when we have been too slow with the invites. Thank goodness that they have the will and wish to come and say hello. So 11 people and a dog at the cabin and dinner yesterday here at the Duck and Cherry with two of our children and their families makes this another unforgettable Easter. We have read from the New Testament, feeling grateful for the atonement and resurrection, gone for long walks in the mountain (not enough snow for skiing this year) and eaten tons of good food and Easter candy.
Here at home I still think about the anonymous threat letter writers, wondering where they live - and if they pass my house from time to time. If I had know where the they live, I could have written them a note asking them to keep control of the birds in the trees around their house, so that they don't keep my husband awake in the mornings. Now that would be a challenge!

Today's water color is called "Morning Sun" and reminds me of the neighbor's rooster - now there's one to prohibit sleeping in...but not me, I sleep anyway.

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