Friday, April 13, 2012

A hair for every occasion

I am not really an "every-hair-in-place" kind of woman. I don't mind that strands of hair do their own thing and dance freely in the spring breeze. Probably one of the reasons why I like Hector's woolen coat, his funny beard and bushy look. Tailored is not really my comfort zone.
But I have friends who are like that - tailored, I mean. And that's great! Wonderful women who manage to keep those curls in place, who round up the dust bunnies every day and keep them contained in the dust bin behind a closed cabinet door. (mine seem to wander the territory of our home and graze on our floors - and multiply!)
I had a roommate in college (BYU), who had absolutely every strand of hair in place. She rolled her long hair on curlers in the evening, they were placed like a tower on top of her hair, so that she could comfortably lie down on her pillow. Then she put her special hair drier "hat" on and turned it on! Noisy? Yes, but effective. She could sleep (maybe?) and become beautiful at the same time. Next morning she spent two hours putting on her face, fixed her curls and she was ready to go.
Now, she looked stunning by the time she went to school. My two minutes in the mirror brushing my hair and adding some mascara to my eye lashes, did not come anywhere close to her perfect looks. I don't think I have the patience for that, but then again - I probably spent 8 hours writing yesterday. I could have divided my time a little more wisely also.
We are all different and that's exciting.
Come to think of it - I need a hair cut.

Today's water color is called "Stormy Evening" - sold at an exhibition many years ago.


  1. It´s quite the contrary in Sweden. You are supposed to have very little makeup on, and the hair isn´t as important. A ponytail is quite alright.

    I guess there are other beauty regimes at BYU. There were many women that spent a great deal of time in the morning - as you said.

  2. It has probably changed at BYU also. Remember - this was a long time ago, when girl had a perm and spent a lot of time with rollers, hair driers and curling irons.

  3. Of course. The perm isn´t such a fashion statement anymore. Hair dries and curling irons are still in fashion. It has probably changed a bit since you were enrolled though.

    I think it´s perfectly fine to spend just a few minutes on the hair. Hair that moves freely is pretty.