Monday, April 23, 2012

Being teachable!

Our grandson turned two last week and we were lucky to visit and celebrate with him. What he seemed to enjoy the most was his birthday song. We sang it several times and his mother said they had sung it over and over again before the guests arrived also.
The greatest joys in life are not bought with money! Here is a little 2 year old, who thinks that a birthday song for him is the most enjoyable part of his birthday. No wonder that we are told in the Scriptures to be as little children. We can learn so much from their innocence, forgiving ways and simple, joyful thinking.
Little children are teachable. I like the comparison that a young child is like a young limber branch of a tree, easy to bend. An older tree is dry and the branches break easily when you try to move them.
I want to be teachable. I love learning every day - not just academic things, but about people and personalities and love and charity and, and, and....There are so many wonderful people around us to learn from.
I am married to a man who is very different from myself. Yes, it's true what they say, that opposites attract - ( even though a Norwegian proverb says that children that are alike, play well together) - I tell him that if we are both willing to learn from each other, we will be better.

No art today - but a photo from Easter vacation in the mountains.


  1. Artig med fødselsdagsbarnet. Jeg ser han for meg.
    Å være lærervillig er ikke allttid like lett, men som du sier så vil vi da bli bedre - hurra for det!

  2. What I said was: "Hvis vi kan lære fra hverandre, vil vi bli veldig bra til slutt." Tror det. Jeg har mye å lære fra ham - og han kanskje noen ting fra meg....