Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pheasants and other passions

I really love birds! It's a joy and passion for me, for some strange reason I cannot explain.
I love seeing their little footprints in the snow, hear them sing in the morning, and watch them as they pluck for seeds and worms on the ground.
I have painted many birds and will probably continue doing that.
My things for fairies and witches is also a winged experience. Maybe it's all about wings? I don't know, but there you have it. Another true confession from me.
So - a few minutes ago, the beautiful pheasant on the photo to the left here, sat outside my window where I sit to write and paint. I hear him and his madame all the time, and I have seen her a lot lately. They are some of my finest neighbors and I am thrilled he actually came to visit today.
I am fascinated by birds, their color and their vocation. I find it interesting that contrary to humans, with birds it is the man who dresses up in colorful feathers. Arnfinn tells me that the female needs to sit unnoticed on her eggs. That makes good sense to me.
The water color painting above on the right, is called "Betatt", which means "smitten". The male peacock sees her go by and opens his feathers to make himself attractive and interesting for her.


  1. I share your passion for birds. Me more on a distance, either way they are adorable creatures. I love to watch them fly because for them travelling are without limits.
    They have the capacity to move around freely, across borders.

  2. That's the greatest of all...they can fly! I would love to be able to do that.