Thursday, March 22, 2012

Me woman!

My hutch and buffet in the living room has two shelves filled with Russian matryoshkas, you know the wooden dolls, painted and with many smaller dolls inside.
They are a fun show and tell for both young and old who visit at The Duck and Cherry.
We are a lot like wooden dolls. Inside we have layers of different pictures, different talents, various moods.
I gave a talk yesterday for a birthday celebration for the Relief Society (170 year old women's organization) in Tønsberg. I said I was comfortable in the role as a women. I don't want to be a man. As a woman we are daughters of God, we care for each other, we take care of house and home, we get to dress up, be unpredictable and become the heart of the home.
My mother was the heart of my childhood home. When she passed away, the home was never the same. It seemed empty.
Even though I sometimes think man and woman are two different animals, I am grateful that Arnfinn is different from me. He is handsome and brave and his feet are solidly planted on the ground, while mine seem to take flight and flutter in the air. I don't always like to be pulled back down on the ground, but now and then it might be necessary.

Today's water color is of a courageous American bald eagle, a wonderful bird to paint.

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  1. Jeg er også så veldig glad for at jeg er en kvinne!