Monday, March 26, 2012

Four legged neighbors

We welcome the herd of sheep on the neighboring parcel. They have already been sheared and are happily grazing in the wooded area next to The Duck and Cherry.
When I was little and our family lived in Canada, the neighbor's goats escaped and came to visit us. Not only did they jump on the car, they ran inside the house and chewed on bed sheets and anything they found interesting. My mother had quite a time trying to get the critters back outside.
We may often have opinions about our neighbors and how they go about their daily affairs. Is their hedge too high? Do they put garbage out causing rats to gather? Do they mow the lawn or use their chain saw on peaceful Sundays? Do they accuse you of moving land marks?
On Saturday I received an anonymous letter in the mailbox. It was rude and unfriendly, a threat letter written by someone who is afraid of dogs, thinking Hector (who is always on a leash if he is outside) will come and attack them. Poor people, they don't know that he is a cuddly teddy bear born with a deep voice.
But the letter has upset me and made me sad. There may be things we don't like about our neighbors' conduct, and I have experienced all the questions above around our neighborhood. Nevertheless, I am convinced that writing anonymous threat letters should not be the solution. I actually like our neighbors!
The sheep next to our house say "bah, bah". I am so glad they don't say "Bah humbug", because I like them, their happy presence, noise and all!

Today's photo was taken this morning from our veranda.

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