Monday, March 12, 2012

Magic wand on my wish list

Today I would like a magic wand!
The word "spring cleaning" comes to mind a lot lately, and I cannot dismiss it. I have started and keep encouraging myself to the fun of it and how wonderful it feels after it's done. At least the latter rings true.
But it is spring, my favorite time of year. Spring in Norway is special as the four season are so varied. Spring brings trickling streams of melted snow, buds of spring flowers popping up in ditches in the early sun, birdsong early in the morning....I love it.
Hector has already found the puddles and jumps happily in them when we go for walks.
So now after some Chiax, a shake and two small chocolate brownies(??!!) (yes, you read that right), I am ready for this day.
My to-do list now also entails outdoor chores. Bushes and apple trees need cutting and pruning, and my herbal patch needs total renovation this spring. I won't be without things to do, but I never am.
My own proverb "It is better to be busy, than to be bored" is especially true in springtime.
So - if I had a magic wand, I would have more time to write and paint. It would be hilarious to swing it around and say magic words or wriggle my nose. Time saving, yes!
I will just have to pretend I have one for now. That's fun too.

Today's drawing I did along with an article for a genealogical magazine. It shows spring cleaning the office of genealogical papers to bring "chi" into the room.

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