Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The vocabulary of a large dog

I am looking and searching....Where did it go? What am I rambling on about? Spring!! It's totally white outside the Duck and Cherry today! Startet yesterday. Last night I walked Hector for an hour in the white, fluffy stuff. He loved it. Arnfinn loves it, too. But then again Arnfinn is all about skiing, skiing. I must say I am only semi-excited. Yes, it's cleaner, no dirty paws, but....I was starting to enjoy seeing the ground and looking forward to spring.
Oh well, I haven't given up yet. Shoveling snow in front of the house this morning was not really what I had in mind for today.
One lady on our walk yesterday had two large dogs on a leash. One of them was busy doing what dogs do on walks, the other started barking towards Hector as we passed. The lady bent down and firmly said: "Now, that is not appropriate behavior. Manners! Manners!"
I had a hard time staying quiet, the giggles formed in my throat and almost burst out of my mouth. Does her dog really know the word "manners"? Maybe her dog is much smarter than mine. I don't think Hector knows that word. His vocabulary is not that large. But he knows the important words like food, walk, sit....He will never be a great orator, but that's not why I bought him.

Today's water color fairy collects snow crystals.

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