Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday morning joys!

What's this thing about Monday morning blues?
I happen to think that Monday's are wonderful. It's a new chance, a new beginning. I don't want to do last week over again, it really was not one of my favorite weeks.
I, like many others, don't think all days are just as good, so I often enjoy the thought of a new day and a new week.
The ground outside the Duck and Cherry was covered with round white balls this morning - hail. Strange. And here I actually believed in spring, but I haven't given up yet. It will come!
I have thought a lot about people who inspire me lately. These are people in my everyday life, family and friends. When I think about their dedication to serving others, to share their time and talents, to love without expecting anything in return, I am grateful for the privilege of knowing such people. My job is to be teachable, so that I may learn from their examples.

Today's painting is in oil and shows a winter wash.
Monday (in addition to several more days in the week) has always been laundry day at the Duck and Cherry.
A few years ago Arnfinn and I made a trip through Amish areas in the eastern US states. They also wash clothes on Mondays. It was a wonderful sight as we passed their farms along the way.

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