Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A candle for every occasion

My father lit a candle at every meal. He told us it was to show that we were grateful for the food.
I have tried to continue this beautiful tradition. candles are ever present at the Duck and Cherry.
We lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years. During typhoon season we always had to make sure we were stocked with enough food, water - and candles. Preparedness was vital. One typhoon knocked out the electricity. The window shutters kept any light out, also during the day, so candles were a necessity.
I experienced a saleswoman at the door in Mississippi many years ago who asked me: "What are all the candles for? (as if my apartment was covered with them). I answered: "I light them!" I don't know if she thought they were ritual, but remembering to be thankful is ritual enough.
Candles are used as a symbol of our testimonies in the Scriptures as well. We are asked to light our candle and hold it high, not to cover it, but show it forth for everyone to see.

My father had buckets of candles when he passed away many years ago. I still use them. They help me think of a man who was grateful for many things in life.

Today's water color is part of a pictures I painted of little birds happily picking seeds thrown on the snow.

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  1. Fin tradisjon å tenne lys for hvert måltid. Det gjør vi også. Det blir så koselig da!