Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do self!

I have always been the kind of girl who says: "I'll do it myself!" Not always very smart, but it gets things done, and my way.
I am not good at asking for help, not good at delegating responsibility, not good at sitting down to let others do the job.
So, is that good or bad? I'm not sure. It can be both, I guess.
My problem now is that Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, is following in my footsteps.
This morning I felt a cold in the living room as I was sitting here happy tapping away on my laptop. I went to see if I had left a window open, only to find that the front door was wide open and my dog was happily walking himself! I called him, with a piece of dog candy in my hand, and he returned, very, very happy. I had not walked him yet, but now he has taken care of it himself.
Clever dog? Yes, nice that he is already "walked", but not good that he has to take charge himself.
He even opened the bathroom door one day, which comes out into the room (he jumped on the handle and used his paw to pry the door open) to get in to see Arnfinn one day.

Today's water color is my latest fairy, and a boy this time.

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