Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Handbag or three?

Do you own a handbag, a purse, a bag of some sort? Or 5? Or maybe 10?
Many of us like having a variety of bags and purses, something to carry our most precious treasures in.
One of the things I get frustrated about is to dig into a bag/purse, and even though my hands and fingers search for certain items, I have to empty the bag to find what I am looking for.

Do some of the following statements apply to you and your purse(s)?
It gets to sit next to you in a restaurant, church, or wherever you are.
It sits on the floor next to your bed at night.
It matches certain clothes and outfits.
You don't go out of the house without it.

I went to a Relief Society Birthday celebration a few weeks ago. About 120 women aged 18 to almost 100 were there. We played a "purse-game" and the ladies were asked to raise their hand if they had certain items in their purse: an air plane ticket, a chewing gum, a tool, a fruit, a pair of pantyhose, a passport, chocolate....amazing how some women had almost all the things asked for - and the list was long!.

So, can your purse tell someone who you are? Is your purse a part of you, a part of your identity?
Even though a purse contains an unnecessary assortment of mess (referring to mine), we value it and guard it with our lives.
I find it boring to have to switch purses, and tend to put it off. Right now I have a tiny purse with a long strap, It weighs almost nothing when I hang it on my shoulder, but even then - I still struggle to find things in it. It amazes me how that can be....

The drawing today is of Alice Babs, a Swedish singer, drawn for a magazine article. It reminds me of dancing at a ball in Vienna, Austria, and I had a small party handbag hanging on my wrist. Suddenly in a twist and turn around the floor, the strap slipped and slid over and landed on my dance partner's wrist instead. He was not happy about it - carrying purses was not his thing!

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