Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dogs and their owners

Ever seen the Disney movie "101 Dalmatians"? I love the part in the park, when different people walk their dogs - and each dog owner and his or her four-legged friend look alike. But, have you noticed? This is often true.We have a town architect who walks by The Duck and Cherry with his two long-legged elegant Afghans. You should see him with them. They look like they're related! Their hair even looks the same.On our street there's Albert, the St Bernard. His family consist of large people, friendly and good-natured. Next door there's Madonna, a little Bichon Frisé, fits right in, too. The neighbor on the left has a Chow Chow called Thai. His owner is happy and strong-willed just like him. Her hair is not quite as bushy, but nevertheless....Clutch, the black Labrador across the street is perfect for his beautiful dark-haired and sporty "mother". The list goes on and on. A short-legged Dachshound, a funny Cairn Terrier, etc. etc. Dogs pass by The Duck and Cherry every day, on both sides of the house.Right now a looks-like-perfect dog lies on a quilt on the floor next to me. He is quiet and calm - resting happily. Enjoy it while you can, I tell myself. It usually does not last for long. Being a one year old Wheaten terrier is certainly challenging. Any little noise or movement triggers the playful, crazy puppy.I tell my hairdresser, Christine, that I don't like having every hair in place. Hector's woolen fur coat is like that, too. I like him like that. He is loving, obedient and playful. I like that too. A good combination. I wouldn't mind him calming down a little though. In another year maybe....

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