Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are summersalts on the ice necessary?

Walking Hector has turned into a life threatening experience!
Yesterday the world around The Duck and Cherry turned into an ice skating rink. Yes, its light, lovely, and serene, but soooo slippery!
The first fall was hilarious. One of those flips on the ice that hits you by the ankles and throws you into a horizontal position on the ground in no time at all. I wished AFV was there with a candid camera. Culprit: Hector and his long leash.
The second fall was far worse. I fell on the ice as Hector and I had our afternoon walk. The back of my head hit the icy ground, shaking the largest pine trees on the road behind the house, by the sheep fence. I thought I might faint, but picked myself up and tried to continue on the way back home. It was getting dark and a lady emerged in the mist. "What a nice dog you have", she said cheerfully.
I answered: "I'm sorry, but I'm crying. I just hurt myself."
I am grateful nothing broke on my fifty pluss body. But I am left with a lump on the back of my head, a headache, a body that feels like it's been beaten, and a red left jaw, that hurts when I try to move my jaw (which is when I eat, yawn, or speak!). Arnfinn thought it might be a difficult day for me, as speaking is part of opening my jaw - and subsequently painful. Funny you, Arnfinn!
Oh, well. "This too shall pass!" - which is my own proverb, and one I tell myself, when days are tough.
And it usually does.

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