Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Invasion of the Cookie Monster

Christmas in Norway has many traditions.One is to bake 7 different kinds of Christmas cookies. I used to bake several different kinds, but noticed that the family has certain favorites. Now I bake what I know they love the best. Everyone's favorite is "Pinwheel Cookies", recipe from an old 5 Roses, A Guide to Good Cooking, which was given me by my Canadian sister-in-law.
Yesterday I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and literally turned into the cookie monster himself! I cannot resist warm, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, accompanied by a large glass cold milk. Mmmmm!!! Yummy!
The Duck and Cherry smells of Christmas. The tree is straight from the woods, cookies in the oven and the Christmas meat is thawing for our traditional dinner come Saturday.
And to top it all off, the ground outside was sprinkled with a powdered sugar coating during the night. Time to welcome Bing Crosby into the living room.

Today's water color is one I made for a Christmas song book I was asked to illustrate a few year's ago.

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