Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To light or not to light

So much for untangling the out-of-doors Christmastree-lights! Hmmff! I untangled them, but every year the same problem arises: We have no electrical outlets outside!
I bought a new string of lights. Hector finished off the ones we had last year. "Naughty dog, Hector!"
Anyway, in the rain, wind, and end-of-November darkness - and with nice new led headlights on my forehead, I struggled to figure out how to solve the problem this year.
I tend to take sneak peeks into neighbor's yards to see how long their electrical cords are, what kind they have and how they hide them. There are many strange things to spy on the neighbors for, but this must be one of the weirdest.
So many of our neighbors have lovely lights on bushes and trees in their yard. I can enjoy looking at those, until I solve my trivial problems.

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