Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Christmas music?

It's the month that I call Christmas! First of December starts the official Christmas music month at the Duck and Cherry. Every year I buy 1 or 2 (or more) Christmas CD's. This year Michael Bublé's new CD is part of our collection of Christmas music.
This collection is carried down in a large basket and put on the floor in front of the stereo for easy access all month long, and we put some CD's in the car to listen to when we run errands.
Yesterday Linnea, our son-in-law Thomas and I were part of a large choir at a Christmas concert. We have been practicing since September. It was wonderful. The church was full, people were happy and the spirit was strong.
There is something special about Christmas music. It lifts the feeling in our hearts to new dimensions, it makes us want to be good and kind, it takes us back to cherished memories from a childhood Christmas, from our youth or maybe Christmas last year.
Why Christmas music? I dare you to try it, if you haven't been smitten yet.
Christmas music truly touches my heart, and I am so grateful for the good spirit it brings and the knowledge that Christmas is all about Christ.

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