Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is it OK to get frustrated?

I am not going to discuss dieting on this forum, but a few things are important to know:
1. The word diet makes your body think that food is wonderful and exciting
2. It's important eat in a way that makes you healthy, wealthy and wise and not cranky, mean and self-absorbed. Food should not be a religion.
I have been wondering the last few days (coming from a person who rarely gets upset about anything) - is it OK to get frustrated with the people who are making money on low-carb diets, which have caused the production of butter and bacon in Norway to have big problems?
The stores are empty. No bacon, no butter! Use margarine in the Christmas baking and cooking? - I don't think so! It's rude to make money on a diet and have a whole country suffer for it.
So, now I have said it, and obviously I am upset about it.
On the other hand, chocolate is fortunately not out of production. Norway has some of the best chocolate in the world! A little chocolate every day makes me very happy. How about you?

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