Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cold Dishwashing Liquid

So one morning happily opening the refrigerator door to prepare breakfast for my beloved, what did I see, but a very cold bottle of dishwashing liquid. I started laughing. Arnfinn's first comment: "Well, I did not do it!" I looked at him and had to admit that I might have been the culprit. Just then Anya came down the stairs and admitted the same as I had: "I could have done that!" beautiful Anya said.
Have you ever put something in the wrong place or surprisingly found something in an unthought area of the house? I admit it. I am that kind of person. I have been proud of being the person in the home, who basically knows where everything is, but it's not really true. Not anymore. I spend more and more time looking for things I unconsciously misplace. A waste of time really. Why do things have to hide from view, when you have so little time to look for them? It's not very nice.
If you have time to laugh about missing items turning up in strange places, by all means - do it heartily.

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