Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day the dog ate my panty hose!

Ever had one of those days? Not me....
If that had been true, I would never have appreciated days the dog left my panty hose alone. (Still have not reach that state of bliss yet). Hector is wonderful - and learning, just like me.
My mother used to say: "Everyone is dumb, when I am not in a good mood". I have often wondered why she said that, because she seemed to always be cheery and sweet to everyone.
She made anyone feel loved. It did not matter if he was a king or a pauper.
She also had another saying that I have appreciated. Translated into English it would go something like this: "Life is like a day at school, with sorrow and joy as your main classes. You enjoy the classes of joy the most, but learn more from the classes of sorrow."
Today has been a good day. I woke up excited about my work, looking forward to being creative and preparing the exhibition on Saturday.
So what if Hector eats my panty hose from time to time. He's learning - and so am I.

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