Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hunting for the perfect turkey

You would think that the Pilgrims and Indians worked hard hunting for the perfect turkey in the 1600's. But I claim the statement, that going to four different grocery stores, just to return to the first one again, is time-consuming and tedious.
Norway has little turkeys!! I stood there watching the cartons of Thanksgiving fowls, wondering if I should purchase one huge turkey, two medium or three small ones. Huge are not avaiable in this country, medium - maybe, and small - a few, even though the shop keeper told me that turkeys will arrive closer to Christmas. But by Christmas, Thanksgiving will be past tense! I had to have one today!! I needed time to thaw the bird and was excited to cross it off my mile-long shopping list for the family Thanksgiving party at The Duck and Cherry on Saturday.
So I made a decision. I bought a small 4 kilo bird at one store, in order to go back to the much more expensive store to find an 8 kilo turkey. But miracles do happen in 2011. By the time I returned to the first store, the price had been changed drastically and it was even cheaper pr kilo than the small turkey. I was happy. It made up for having to pay an arm and half a leg for the pecans.

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