Thursday, November 24, 2011

Untangling lights

It's time to untangle the Christmas tree lights. Not the ones for the indoor tree (those will have to wait another couple of weeks), but for the sturdy tree outside our front door. In three days we'll celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. There will be four Sundays of Advent before Christmas arrives, and the lights outside and in the windows, as well as the candlestick with the four candles need to be dug out of the boxes in the basement.

One of our neighbors jumped the gun and lit the tree in front of their house last week. That's helpful for Hector and I, who always pass that way for long walks in the foggy November evenings.

Last winter Hector ate some of the lights stringed up outside. Since the cord of lights consequently went the way of all the world (it died), I need to see if we have another one stacked away or if I need to purchase new lights.

I don't even want to start listing all the things Hector has chewed to pieces his first year at our house, but I believe pens are at the top of the list. He lurked around the living room the other day, carrying my glassses between his teeth. Fortunately I calmly got a hold of him before he started playing with them. Expensive toys! And we still love him!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving today!! I am so grateful for our lives here at The Duck and Cherry.

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