Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A petition for flying brooms

Halloween has come and gone. last year I dressed up as a witch and scared the children, when I answered the door. Maybe that's why we did not have many visitors trick-or-treating this year? I don't know. The problem was, I could not find my witch hat (and nose) yesterday.
So I hung up the two flying brooms next to the front door and lit two torches, as Linnea had stolen the pumpkin I had outside, only to return it later carved and wonderful. She put a light in it and it was very decorative.
Three missionaries came by, very happy to dig into the candy bowl.
I have a petition for the use of flying brooms. They are great. These are my positive points for acquiring a good broom:

lightweight, uses little space in garage or house
does not use expensive fuel
does not pollute
very easy to park in town, or just carry it with you
has natural A/C
requires little maintenance
teaches you balancing
gives you a great view
is fun to fly

Need I say more? Why everyone keeps buying cars - beats me!

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